Juan Manuel Sanchez and Nora Patrich, their extraordinary lives and captivating art are celebrated in the documentary:


A portrait of Juan Manuel Sánchez and Nora Patrich

Written, Produced & Directed by Cindy Leaney


Their art, like their lives, is a powerful affirmation of the dignity of human life.

Alan Whitehorn
Nora brings the experience of her years in Canada. Those figures with their leanings towards the monumental, with their moments of deep sensuality, are given a greater simplicity by being combined with the ancient syntheses achieved by the Haida. If we say then that Nora is a Faithful representative of the heart of the Americas, we say it in the widest sense of the word: these Americas of the South which saw her being born and saw her grow, and those Americas of the North which have allowed her to maintain her rhythm of growth in the total harmony.
Rafael Squirru ­ Faunder MOMA Buenos Aires
Juan Manuel Sánchez created a new voice for the Americas. A new way in which to see their won cultural experience, and a new sense of their own dignity. His life’s work is a series of cultural artifacts that form a whole, a unique entity that captures and immortalizes what Argentina was, is and can become. It is an expression in that the art draws from indigenous cultural experience, and cultivates the sensibility of the mind. The people have responded by making the art their own or sensing that is essentially a vision of their Americanist experience. His vision is now their vision and his humanism, their hope for many tomorrows. They live with his murals, his paintings, sculptures and prints, and see something of themselves in each thing he has made for them as mirrors of their collective unconscious. An artist can do no more than this.
Ralph Westbrook

Produced by Voyage Media Productions Inc.; Produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada; with the assistance of Canada Television and Cable Production Fund and British Columbia Film; Production in association with Bravo! NewStyle Arts Channel, CFCF 12 Montreal, Knowledge Network, Saskatchewan Communications Network and with the participation of Rogers Telefund.


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